Ultrasound Technologies in Baking Industry

Currently, the baking industry is widely taking advantage of concentrated emulsions consisting of vegetable oils (sunflower, cotton, soybean, etc.), water and sunflower or soya phosphatide formulations for the preparation of bakery products weight grades. This emulsion has a liquid consistency and improved delimitation resistance: the emulsions are not stratified during 10 days or more, and the presence of phosphatides increases the physiological value of bakery products, as phosphatides play a significant role in oxidative processes in living organisms: they not only regulate the power supply to the cells and their need oxygen, help to transfer information between them, but also normalise the liver, the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular and immune systems.

The equipment

To implement the above cavitation technologies in the food industry, ultrasonic reactors realizing acoustic cavitation are made use of. It’s a common point of view that the use of hydrodynamic cavitation holds impressive potential. Moreover, the efficiency of the mixing process of hydrodynamic cavitation allows allocating a separate line in the development of mixing equipment. Commercial operation of cavitation mixers (the manufacturing is developed by industry leaders, such as Hilsonic, the company that gained popularity due to its range of ultrasonic cleaner devices) showed that their application enables to intensify the process of mixing in several times. Hydrodynamic cavitation mixers have higher efficiency than ultrasonic devices of similar purpose.

If the hydrodynamic cavitation is supplemented with an interesting effect, forming a supersonic flow of two-phase medium in the cavitation zone, the friction conditions of the working chamber device it will inevitably hit the subsonic regime through pressure jump, the energy of which will focus on the very environment. As a result, the effect of cavitation would be the most complete. (more…)

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